Combining skilled craftsmanship with the finest fabrics from

around the world, our aim is to provide our clients with clothes

that are not only unique in their design and tailored to fit

perfectly but, to create a luxurious experience for the

wearer - The feeling that they have invested in something

special, of outstanding quality, every time they slip into a

Julia Panciroli Couture design.

"The couture class is amazing! I have learned so much
in this class. Knowing how to take measurements on
the real body, and transfer them from 3D to 2D on the
paper. That is the most interesting part actually. I
think it's really essential knowledge but nobody
teaches this in school."

"I understood the pant blocks much deeper after taking
this class, since I learnt how the 2D drafts connected
to 3D body measurements. Julia explained a lot of
technical details and shared many useful tips, and you
will also get a list of finest restaurants in San
Francisco from her as a bonus :) ! This was such a
great experience. I highly recommend The Atelier
School classes!"

"It was great having you as my teacher. I learned a
lot and I will continue to use these skills to better
myself. I just wanted to let you know that  you are very
wise in your craft, and you have a lot of passion for
what you do. Thank you!"

“The information I received in this course
strengthened my understanding of pattern drafting
and, provided me with the tools I need to create a
custom fit bodice and sleeve. Julia's in-depth, direct
instruction, is accompanied by guided practice to
ensure full understanding of concepts. I really enjoyed
the class- it was informative and fun. "

"I took the custom pant class and loved it! This was
such a great experience and I would highly
recommend The Atelier School classes!"

"I just wanted to email you and say thank you for the
classes. I honestly learned more from you than I have
all along at fashion school. With you being in the
industry and working how we work, I think that was
most helpful to us."

"Your tips and quick, yet professional, ways of doing
things were incredibly helpful. So I just wanted to say
thank you very much and it was a great class. Thanks
for all your help."

"In this three-session class, I learnt how to take
custom measurements correctly, draft a set of pant
blocks based on these measurements, evaluate the
fitting, fix various fitting issues, and make the fitting
adjustments back to the pant blocks"

"I would just like to say thank you for an amazing
class. I am very fortunate to have been in your class.
You've taught me more things than all of my pattern-
cutting classes combined. Things make more sense. I
was mind blown from the tips and tricks you've shown
us. Thank you for all of your help, seriously, you
helped me a lot."

"I just want to say thanks for being one of the best
instructors I've had. I felt encouraged and
supported by you.  I learned a heap of extremely
valuable information from you that I will carry forth
into my career, and I do wish I had more time to learn
even more from you!"
In gratitude,

"Julia always has so much patience and shares so
much technical knowledge in the class. We are not only
learning, but also having fun in the class. After I took
the class, I felt I had more passion for fashion and
pattern making.
Thank you."

"The lace class and the leather class I took with you
were so incredibly informative and helpful. I really
learned a lot and it was so much fun being in the calm
and professional environment of your design atelier.
I can't wait to take another class!"